Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Link Sharing


 You can share your link to anyone, they will not be able to download or see other details. If anyone has an employer account then they can only download your credentials.


 2. COST

   It is Free Website! We have premium services which you can purchase if you wish.


3. Apply to companies without any job offer


    You can apply to companies without any job offer by clicking on the apply button below the profile picture of the employer


4.  Why there are questions when you apply?


     This feature helps the employer to screen the candidate initially.


5.  How to upload Video Profile


     Please make a video of yours which introduces you and upload the same in

      youtube and simply provide the link. Your video will be displayed in  your



6.  Any Other Help or Feedback 

    Please mail us

We are waiting to hear about your experience !